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New Years Eve Outfit Idea

*Dress/Shoes were given to me for review by Monsoon. All opinions are my own* My mother always said to wear something new for New Years Eve, go into the new year with a clean slate and no baggage of the year prior. I’ve followed through with that growing up and now it’s time for my daughter to follow through with our silly tradition. Picking an outfit is hard when you’re…

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New Years Safety and Tips

New Years for me isn’t going to be the same anymore. Now that I have Ziana I rather bring in the New Year with her and my family. No more finding the perfect freak-em-dress, party until the break of dawn, making out with a random guy at 12 and getting so drunk you can’t remember your last name– nope none of that! Instead I’ll spend it with the family and…

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New Years Resolution

With Christmas over and everyone being ungrateful and returning gifts the next big holiday is NEW YEARS! It’s that time to celebrate for what we hope to come in 2013, celebrate that we didn’t die on the 21st and ah yes, time to make our unrealistic New Years resolution! So here are a few of mine and some we can all perhaps do: 1. Lose weight. I’m like a fat…

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