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New Years Safety and Tips


New Years for me isn’t going to be the same anymore. Now that I have Ziana I rather bring in the New Year with her and my family. No more finding the perfect freak-em-dress, party until the break of dawn, making out with a random guy at 12 and getting so drunk you can’t remember your last name– nope none of that! Instead I’ll spend it with the family and getting just a little tipsy, haha.

So for everyone going out to party be safe and here are some tips:

– More than likely you’re drinking and if you are don’t drive. New Years is not the day to try and take that risk. Police are out and about trying to give out those tickets. Always have a designated driver or just call me and I’ll pick you up for $100 🙂

– If everyone ends up getting wasted make sure to have a backup person or taxi service to call and come get you.

– No one parties alone (hopefully) so stay at least in pairs since staying in groups is hard to do. You never know who’s looking and waiting for their moment to pounce on you while you’re alone.

– Don’t ever leave your drinks unattended. Again, you don’t know who’s watching and waiting to slip something in your drink.

– If the celebration is at your home just make sure you let people know they can sleep over if they are too wrecked to make if back to their home. That’s an awesome host!

– Ladies- make sure to carry your lipgloss! Don’t have photos of you looking dull.

– Gentlemen and ladies, carry a condom just in case. You don’t want to wake up having made a huge mistake with a grenade.

– Don’t drunk text or call or email or Facebook or twitter or Instagram an ex!!! You will regret this once you’re sober.

So there you go! Follow my tips and you’re sure to have a safe and eventful night!

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