New Years Resolution


With Christmas over and everyone being ungrateful and returning gifts the next big holiday is NEW YEARS! It’s that time to celebrate for what we hope to come in 2013, celebrate that we didn’t die on the 21st and ah yes, time to make our unrealistic New Years resolution! So here are a few of mine and some we can all perhaps do:

1. Lose weight. I’m like a fat chick in a semi-skinny body I love food!!!!

2. Be a nicer person. When I see dumb people say or do dumb things I feel it’s my duty as a citizen to point it out.

3. Learn curse words in different languages.

4. Stop cursing. Yeah, I’ve got the dirty mouth of a truck driver maybe even worse.

5. Start a business. Who doesn’t have ideas?

6. Invest in my passion. I have a new passion everyday it’s hard to pick one.

7. Stop smoking or being an excessive drinker.

8. Stop being obsessed with social media. Guilty!

9. Stop posting half-naked bathroom photos of oneself– it’s not flattering.

10. Be on time to work. Enough with the excuses guys!

11. Get more interactive like playing a sport. I’ve wanted to join a volleyball team for the longest, but haven’t been able to find one local.

12. Settling down. Some may find that the promiscuous days and nights should be whining down and it’s time to find “the one.”

13. Get butt and breast implants then make a sex tape to be as insignificant as Kim KarTRASHian.

14. Stop watching filthy and ratchet shows like KarTRASHians, Basketball Whores, The Fake Bad Girls Club etc.

15. Volunteer. I would love to go to a nursing home and spend quality time with them, but don’t want to do it alone -_-

16. Be more spontaneous! Run around the block naked or take an impromptu vacation.

17. Women– go to a psychiatrist and get properly diagnosed for your hallucinating-psychotic- behavior.

18. Men– go to a psychiatrist to get properly diagnosed for your compulsive-cheating and pathological lying.

19. Listen to a different genre of music for a change. I took on country and I semi-love it.

20. Go back to school. I can’t bare the thought of going back for something I’d love to do, but others wouldn’t mind.

21. Win the lotto. It can’t be that hard to guess the right numbers, right?

22. Making self-improvements. Take the time to better your physical, mental and emotional self.

23. Spend quality time with family. I do every week, but others tend to forget they were made from their fathers sperm and mothers egg or whatever your situation was.

24. Actually call people instead of always having misinterpretations via text/email.

25. Meet new people. I love meeting new people and can’t wait to make new friends this upcoming year. Or even rekindle old friendships.

26. Try out for playboy or just take nude pictures for yourself. I definitely won’t be getting naked anywhere unless it’s on True Blood 🙂

Here is the best one… KEEP YOUR RESOLUTIONS! Haha. Cheers to that!


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