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Christmas Tradition & Home Decor

I’m all for Christmas traditions, it’s one of my favorite parts about Christmas; theme of the tree, cutting down our own tree, elf on the shelf, and how to decorate our place this year. Last year was our first time cutting down our own tree and we had such a great experience we decided it would be a tradition. Last year we visited Santa’s Christmas Tree Farm (you could check…

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Christmas on Thanksgiving!?

That’s it! I’m done! I’m going to gather up cattle of people to join my army, army to destroy any Christmas decorations or trees we see BEFORE Thanksgiving! Why is everyone in a rush to get to Christmas? Of course it’s the best holiday of the year, but seriously the decorations need to stop. I don’t want to see a Christmas tree during Thanksgiving dinner. I don’t recall any history…

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Merry Christmas

What a weekend! Besides doing last-minute shopping I did a mini-photo-shoot with all my babies (nieces, nephews and of course Ziana). Not quite an easy task. Everyone needed help getting dressed and get their hair done. Then when it was ready for action trying to get everyone to look in the same direction was another task, haha. If three out of the four kids looked up, one of them was…

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Santa Claus Village

How cool would it have been when we were younger we could go to a place that was everything Christmas and Santa?? Well since we missed out our kids don’t have to! There’s a place in Arctic Circle Lapland where Santa’s village lies. A wonderful place to get a full experience of the whimsical holiday. You get to meet/talk to santa, hang out with Santa, see elves, see reindeers and…

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