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Santa Claus Village


How cool would it have been when we were younger we could go to a place that was everything Christmas and Santa?? Well since we missed out our kids don’t have to! There’s a place in Arctic Circle Lapland where Santa’s village lies. A wonderful place to get a full experience of the whimsical holiday. You get to meet/talk to santa, hang out with Santa, see elves, see reindeers and more!

On the Santa Claus Village website it gives a quick background, “About a hundred years ago, a passer-by started spreading the word about Ear Mountain and the existence of its inhabitants. Santa wanted to safeguard the tranquillity of his secret hiding place and came up with a superb idea that also allowed him to meet people who love Christmas and his many friends who come to greet him. It was around half a century ago that Santa Claus started to frequently visit the Arctic Circle near Rovaniemi.” How thoughtful of Santa! I think I’m more excited about meeting Santa than Ziana would ever be, haha.

You can view photos and videos from the place to get a better idea of what goes on. It’s pretty neat. The only thing that sucked is that from the videos it appears that Santa only speaks the Finnish language (I think) so conversing with him will be just a tad hit difficult.

If you think the flight will be long its only 8 hour and 10 minutes from New York to Finland– not too bad. So who’s with me in a few more years!?






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