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Mother Kills Son For Attention

I can go on and on about how society today is very different from when I was growing up, but what’s the point? We all get it and know that social media consumes all of us. Many people seek that attention from those close to them and even strangers because it makes them feel good about themselves that people care about what’s going on in their lives. There’s a disease…

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Have You Seen Me?

I have a blog. I write about my family, experiences and anything else that tickles my fancy. So why not try to help others too? I love children especially those in need of help. I have always been an advocate for them when it comes to education, health and most importantly anything dealing with their safety (abuse, kidnapping). I worked in foster care for 4 years and although I didn’t…

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It’s Spanking Time!

I am so sick and tired of people telling parents how to raise their children. Those people meaning the state/government, even society. Since they want to have such say they should come to someone’s home and raise the child themselves. I remember growing up and getting beat if I disrespected my parents or anyone else, if I stole, if I lied, when the principal would call, and so on. My…

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