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Mother Kills Son For Attention

Lacey Spears and Garnett

I can go on and on about how society today is very different from when I was growing up, but what’s the point? We all get it and know that social media consumes all of us. Many people seek that attention from those close to them and even strangers because it makes them feel good about themselves that people care about what’s going on in their lives.

There’s a disease out there called Munchasen Syndrome where people will exaggerate or create symptoms in order to gain attention. They also will fabricate stories to others in order to gain such sympathy. Then there’s Munchasen Syndrome By Proxy which refers to the abuse of another person, typically a child, in order to seek attention or sympathy for the abuser.

With all that said, this past week in Westchester, New York, a 26-year-old mommy blogger was arrested for poisoning her 5-year-old son with SALT.

Why? Why would a mommy do such a thing? Well, in order to gain that attention from people on social media. Lacey Spears wrote about her son, Garnett’s illness and constant visits to the hospital on her blog where she’s constantly posed as a loving mother.

Seriously, her constant posts just on Twitter were a bit much–

lacey spears twitter

lacey spears twitter

According to Huffpost, Garnett passed away in January and while he laid dying at Westchester Medical Center, Lacey phoned a friend at the Fellowship and asked her to get rid of one of the bags she used to feed Garnett through a tube in his abdomen. Police later seized the bag, which sources say contained a high concentration of sodium.

Of course Lacey denies ever doing such a thing and adamantly denies any wrongdoing.

Like I said another symptom of Muchasen is where an individual will fabricate stories that have happened and that’s exactly what that police found–

The Journal News claims it uncovered a lie in which Spears claimed that she was the mother of a boy, Jonathon Strain, whom she was taking care of for a brief time. She reportedly posted a picture of the boy on her MySpace page, claiming she was his mother — and that’s when the boy’s real mother decided to move him to a new child care provider.

Not only that, but she’s also posted on her blog that Garnett’s father who was a policeman passed away in a tragic car accident, when in fact he’s alive and well living as a garage installer in Georgia.

It’s always sad when a child dies especially in the hands of their own parents, but what ticks me off even more is that sometimes this people aren’t given the ultimate punishment such as death. Anything someone does has a diagnosis and no one fully takes responsibility for their actions.

The pediatric community agrees and states that the disorder should be renamed “medical abuse” to highlight the real harm caused by the deception and not be able to hide behind such a defense that will get them off the hook.

More of this story will be revealed come July 2nd where Lacey Spears is schedule back in court.

What are your thoughts on hiding behind such a “disorder?”

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Lacey Spears and lawyer in court

lacey spears and garnett


garnett lacey spears

lacey spears and garnett

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  • Reply
    Jun 20, 2014 at 4:41 pm

    To be honest I don’t know how someone could do such a thing. It’s natural for some people to get sucked into social media, but some people tend to take it to far. Even with a desease I think it still doesn’t matter, because you took someone’s life and the worst part is she lied and said she loved him but if you truly love someone you don’t poison them. She loved the attention not him.

    • Reply
      Jun 22, 2014 at 12:56 pm

      Exactly! And it’s unfair that her attorney’s are going to use such an “illness.”

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