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Baby’s First Birthday with Bounty

*This is a sponsored post with Bounty all opinions are my own* In just a few months (4 to be exact) the little boy you’ve seen grow up will be turning 1! I know, I can’t believe it either. I’m already stressed out about his birthday party because absolutely nothing is planned. Unlike Ziana’s who birthday theme, guest list and decorations were well planned about 8 months ahead of time. …

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Birthday Ideas for Your Toddler

Two weeks ago we celebrated Ziana’s birthday for four days! Yes, four long, yet fun-filled days and they were all in our backyard of Queens. We really had nothing major planned for her birthday except the AQUARIUM which I spoke about on a prior post, but other from that it was all wholesome activities that didn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars. Now a little secret not many fellow New…

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Making Their Birthday Special

Birthdays are special for those who actually consider it to be special. For me, I’m not one to get all excited because my birthdays coming. I don’t care for presents nor do I care much to celebrate. Maybe it’s because I’m growing up? Who knows. Regardless, my boyfriend is like a little kid with his birthday. He absolutely loves it and counted down the days. Now for me I love…

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