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Baby’s First Birthday with Bounty

*This is a sponsored post with Bounty all opinions are my own*

babys first birthday

In just a few months (4 to be exact) the little boy you’ve seen grow up will be turning 1! I know, I can’t believe it either. I’m already stressed out about his birthday party because absolutely nothing is planned. Unlike Ziana’s who birthday theme, guest list and decorations were well planned about 8 months ahead of time.  Since I’m somewhat of a veteran having a child who already had a first birthday, I thought I’d share some tips on making this celebration memorable with the help of mother and author Kristin Cavallari who’s partnered up with Bounty– the brand we all trust to quickly pick anything up aka The Quicker Picker Upper!

Remember, that these precious loud machines that we love so much still nap whether or not it’s a celebration, therefore, planning the party around their nap time is key. There’s nothing worse when you’re trying to snap cute photos of them doing their thing and they’re over there wailing away. Also make sure they’re well fed because when hunger pains kick in there’s no stopping them except food. 

Don’t get carried away on the activities and food for the party– they’re one, they won’t remember anything or care. By keeping things simple when it comes to the food it’ll be less stress for you. The food was a huge issue for me– didn’t know what get, didn’t want to get too little or too much of anything. Think kid-friendly dishes,Kristin’s favorite dish is oat flour chocolate chip cookies and tacos. Yum!

It’s stressful planning the party and when the day arrives you feel relief, FINALLY you can relax and enjoy the party– or maybe not. Many of us don’t ask for help because we can do it all alone, faster and the way we like it, but that’s just more unnecessary stress. During the birthday party ask for help from your friends or family–that’s what they’re in your life for to be a supportive. You too can enjoy a laugh or two with some help. 

Then comes the most important part of the birthday celebrations– they're first piece of sugary cake or cupcakes, how I did it. We love to capture the mess on film, but don’t like having to clean up the huge mess afterwards. Word of advice? Bounty everything around their area and even around the house. Bounty under the plate where they’re sugar cake is going to be, on the floor to capture anything falling and leave rolls around the house so people can quickly absorb any spills. Sure, you can use any paper towels, but nothing is more absorbent and will last longer than Bounty. Save yourself from mess and save your pockets from having to constantly buy. 

Now, take those photos with a stress-free mindset and capture the most important first moments of your little ones life. How do you bounty?

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