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Supporting ShayCarl! (NYC Marathon)

As a YouTuber it’s only right to support your fellow YouTubers like the good ole Shay Carl. Boytoy (boyfriend if you don’t watch our vlogs) is a leisure runner so he loves the sport and has attended previous marathons, so when he found out that they ShayCarl Butler was running it he got a bit excited. Now, he won’t admit to anyone that seeing someone who he has “stalked” for years on YouTube was something surreal and cool, but trust me it was for him– he couldn’t stop gushing about it. It was even cool for me– even though I wasn’t physically there I got so excited looking at the footage and photos he captured. This guy is HUGE on YouTube and I have been watching him for a couple years now as well.

You can watch the struggles boytoy went through to find and take photos of ShayCarl and the other runners by watching the video below:

Without further a due, here are the photos we took of the NYC marathon!

NYC Marathon

elite runners

new york city marathon


new york city skyline

nyc runners


big bird and the count
Being huge fans of Sesame Street this is awesome!

Shay Carl Butler

shay carl running the marathon

Shay truly loves his fans! He went out of his way and crossed a few runners just so boytoy could get this picture– oh yes and capture it on our vlog! Yes, and that’s Carlie and D Mills in the back!

Shay Carl
Sometimes vlogging and taking pics doesn’t work out. This would’ve been an amazing photo (sigh).

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