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Super Bowl 2013


The Super Bowl is a yearly tradition for all American families. This year it’s the 49ers vs. The Ravens– San Francisco vs Baltimore. Having a boyfriend who’s a 49ers fan since he was a kid I and Ziana have no choice but to be a fan too. Regardless of who I’m rooting for this post isn’t about that. It’s about how to throw a spectacular Super Bowl party on Sunday!

Everyone loves food so of course have food! Just because it’s a party doesn’t mean you need to cheat on your diet.

-Have turkey burgers instead of beef. Trust me it taste just as good and isn’t as fattening.

– Instead of potato fries you can have sweet potato fries or make both to keep everyone happy, haha.

– Include blue chips along with the greasy chips.

– You can make some corn salsa instead of regular salsa.

– Chili! I get so excited over chili ever since my mother-in-law made it. Instead of using beef use ground turkey. Same great taste.

– Forget chicken wings or actually don’t because people might actually kill you, but you can also make chicken strips baked with corn flakes instead of breadcrumbs.

– Salad.

Next, ALCOHOL. It’s not a party if there’s a bunch of sober people slumping around. Have everyone bring a case of beer of their choice and you’re bound to get a load of beer to make everyone happy. A bottle or two of liquor wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

During halftime or before the game you can play a bunch of fun games. I found some really neat ones at Holidays Central .

Decorations are always good. You can dec out your place with the color scheme of either team or both. I love balloons so stock up on that. Plates, cups, napkins, table-cloth can be in the team colors or just a general football theme. A cake could be a great decorative piece. The big surprise can be a piñata! Don’t laugh because in serious. I can be 48-years-old and I’ll still enjoy them as much as a 8-year-old. Many of these decorations you can get at Party City.

And finally, make sure you have enough chairs and room for everyone you’re inviting including yourself! I assure you the floor isn’t comfy.

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