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Shakira and Fisher-Price (Learning Spanish)

Shakira First Steps

I’m a stickler for early education– education period. A few months back I gave some tips on how I’m helping educate my child’s mind with everyday life. The post was called Education Tips For Parents and I hope you’ll also give that a look. You may also know that I find it extremely important to incorporate Spanish into her everyday language. I think whatever other language yourself or anyone in the family know should be passed on to your little one. It’s never too soon — or too late for a child to learn a second language. Children who learn to speak two languages at once sound like a native in both tongues.

This past weekend was the grand old Toy Fair convention at the Javits Center in NYC and for those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s largest toy and youth product marketplace in the Western Hemisphere, expected to bring together more than 1,000 exhibiting manufacturers, distributors, importers and sales agents to showcase 150,000+ products to nearly 10,000 buyers representing 7,000+ unique retail outlets in 100 countries. In a nut-shell many of us get to see all the cool toys that are coming out soon! I was thrilled to be invited to check out what Mattel had up their sleeves, especially Shakira’s line First Steps with Fisher-Price.

They showed us two new toys that would be coming out in the Fall and I loved them! Not only because they were super cute, but because they didn’t only have the phrases and songs in English, but in Spanish too!

Shakira Kira Plush

Shakira Kira Plush

SRP: $24.99| Ages 6-36 Months| Available: Fall 2015
· Kira is a soft plush character with 2 modes, music and learning. Woven into both modes are Spanish phrases and songs.
· She has three activation points- two hands and a light-up heart.
· Her ABC hand will teach overt academics – ABCs, Counting, Colors and more!

Shakira Fisher-Price

Shakira Flash Cards
SRP: $14.99| Ages 6-36 Months| Available: Fall 2015
· Teaches baby all sorts of fun first words including animals, vehicles, foods and more!
· Comes with 20 cards, each with a first word in both English and Spanish, and correlating picture on front with fun texture on back.
· All 20 cards fit inside the bucket which also features a handle for great on the go play!

This one was so funny because if you watch our daily family videos on YouTube I just started write note cards of items in our house with both English and Spanish words; mesa-table, wall-pared, plant-planta. It’s as if Shakira and Fisher-Price read my mind!

What do you think of the new toys??


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