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Being a mother is great– it has it’s amazing moments and of course those wanting to throw yourself out the window moments. Not to mention the overwhelming feeling of anxiety you get when it comes to teaching your child not only morals and manners, but letters, numbers, colors, shapes and just about everything else! It seems easy, but it’s quite frustrating.

I decided to give some tips when it comes to helping your child with learning their alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes and whatever else I think you may want to know. And before I get criticism about how I think I’m the best mommy ever– this is simply just some advice I’m giving. Things I’ve learned along the way and I’m passing them along like a secret!

-My kid loves to read and I’m so happy about that especially since I hate ready (guilty), but I always incorporated books throughout the day since she was a baby– even made it a family nighttime ritual. Of course when they’re 12-months they don’t know what’s going on in the book, but they get comfortable with books and it’s becomes familiar to them. It’s never to soon to begin reading to them!

-While reading I’ll point out some words to her and have her try to repeat them.

-I’ll even do a “Where’s Waldo” kind of game on each page of the book– “where’s the goat? What sound does the goat make?”

-If we take the stairs or the elevator I’m constantly counting the number of steps in English and Spanish. Or showing her the numbers inside the elevator and having her press the floor we have to go to.

-We got a library card where we take out books and we’ll borrow letter, shapes, color books. They also have free learning programs so definitely check them out!

-My rule of thumb is to never leave the house without a book– or at least I try to make that a rule of thumb.

-I’m constantly talking to her about everything we see; how we walk on green, stop on red, what we’re seeing in front of us (girl, bicycle, fire truck, grass) and I’ve even had her memorize our car and the license plate (lol) not sure why and don’t think she really memorized the license plate, but why not try?

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-Ziana even knows emotions. We look in the mirror and will do happy, sad, angry, surprised faces which will help her better communicate her feelings and believe me I know when she’s angry! Haha.

-Kids are sponges! Talk to them, point everything out, help them help you. Example- groceries I have her put things in the cart and even carry a bag! She loves it… Surprisingly. Yay me!

– Most importantly talking to her in Spanish as much as possible! If you know a second language I would urge you to teach your child. Of course, the younger the better, but it’s never to late.

Lesson- if you want your child to grow up well mannered, help you when they get older and be a brainiac you have to help them along the way. Not everything in life has to be a rush and taking your time with them will just benefit you in the long run.

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