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Where are the penis’? I’m so sick of the lack of penis presence in movies and shows. Seriously. I don’t mind looking at all the different size breasts us woman carry or I guess even the vagina (once in a while), but I’d like to also see what the men are packing. It’s just not fair.

Men can see all these naked woman running across our television sets and fantasize about them, but what do we have? The vision of their smooth butts in our minds? Yeaaaaaah, not too interested.

It’s clearly a double standard in Hollywood it needs to stop! What I want to know is why? When Hollywood shows a penis it’s either a make-believe shriveled up penis or a second glance of the merchandise. Don’t think I’m perverted though, I’m just tired of us being used for our bodies to stimulate the male erection.

And while I’m on the subject of breasts being shown in every scene of a show lets not bypass the unnecessary sex scenes in shows and movies. It’s rather uncomfortable when I’m watching say Banshee with my father and I see Antony Starr pounding out some random chick. I just don’t believe it makes the storyline any more interesting than it already is. So what’s the point?

Producers and directors, what is the purpose behind all these naked woman and sex scenes? Are we suppose to get in the mood? Or is it as simple as getting more of a buzz because you’re showing more hotter woman gallivanting around the show every other minute than the next show? Or is it just a filler?

Sometimes sex is fine in a show– who doesn’t want to pick up new tips and tricks? But the constant fornication is just ridiculous. How about more censorship? I’m by far a prude, I’m just saying I didn’t put on a porno. I put on a show about an ex-con who becomes sheriff, why the sex?

Society has just become obsessed with sex there’s no way to stop it– not then and most definitely not now. Who can blame these sex addicts if we are all surrounded by it? They basically are raised that having casual sex is okay and sex is what life is about. May help come their way– soon!

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  • Reply
    Lillie Morales-Torres
    Feb 21, 2013 at 10:58 pm

    totally agree! I hate watching a movie – with fam, friends anyone- and that akward scene comes its like really? I could cae less about seeing people nude and nasty lol back in the day Less was More- they should really re-think the way they are writing scripts now. I don’t think anyone would miss the uneccessay soft porn..

    • Reply
      Feb 21, 2013 at 11:02 pm

      I totally agree! Lets use that imagination we were born with! Lol

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