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Sesame Place!

Sesame Place

I never knew a water park would be so much fun and I’ve been to a few like Dorney Park which I LOVE, but this water park topped it off. Once you have a kid you just have to go to Sesame Place– it’s a bit mandatory and if your child doesn’t watch Sesame Street then what kind of parent are you!? Jokes, jokes, but in all seriousness it was tons of fun! Who knew that a place just for kids was going to be fun for you too? Hopefully, I’ll be able to work with Sesame Place and work some kind of discount for you guys next year since I was unable to do that this year.

Since there were a lot of water rides I couldn’t take pictures or film while going down and such so I tried my best! Also, it didn’t help that my “amazing” Nikon camera was dying! Enough chitter-chatter.. here ya go!!

Video of the day:


lazy river Gearing up to head into the lazy river

sesame place Ernie’s bathtub of water works

baby model

bert and ernie
Ziana was scared! Haha..

mother and daughter
Our ta-da pose!

sesame street

sesame place

abby cadabby
Sitting so close to the characters was amazing

abby cadabby
Ziana’s idol so close to her although she was a bit frighten lol

beautiful little girl

Rosita and Grover

sesame place
My nieces

choo choo train
All aboard the choo-choo train!!

Enjoying the water

sesame place

Someone is ecstatic!!

sesame place
About to go down the tubes!

tube rides

water park

scared baby
If you could only see her face going down lol

Big Bird
Big Bird from afar–

Abby Cadabby
Dressed to meet her idol– Abby Cadabby. This is the dress she wore for her Birthday Party- Sesame Street

beautiful baby

abby cadabby
Ziana Cadabby meet Abby Cadabby

Sesame place

Oscar The Grouch
Oscar The Grouch!

123 sesame street
My boyfriend was dying to take this picture

sesame street concert
My boyfriend was also picked as a volunteer to dance with Zoe, Cookie Monster, Bert and Ernie. Very cool and I was super jealous lol

elmo rocks
Towards the end the kids are able to stand in front of the stage 🙂

elmo ride

Always vlogging!

sesame place
Once the fear of almost dying wore off the ride eventually became fun!

sesame place

the parade
A tip if you’re going to watch the parade get there early!! Hour to an hour and a half to get up close and personal seats!

sesame street parade

sesame street

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