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Second Pregnancy Part 2


Last week I wrote a post about “Second Pregnancy” and how I felt about a second pregnancy soon after your first pregnancy. You can read the post yourself, but to sum it up I said it wasn’t a great idea. Then I spoke on how I might be pregnant! Here is the update…

After speaking to my friends I was getting more nervous so I turned to my handy iPhone App Store and searched to see if they had an application that would tell me whether I was or not, haha! I know silly, but I found one so there! It’s not like I pee’d on my phone or anything, but it asked me simple questions.


The app is called “Preg Test,” and oh my was it an excellent app! They ask you a few questions and you have to type them in; last period, length of cycle, whether you had intercourse between the dates they ask, symptoms you may have, if you’re stressed, underweight and so on. Once I input all the information they said


I was so happy! God really looked out for me and yes I believed this app 200% because three days later Miss. Flow came flowing.

If you too are in a rut try this app! Jeez, it sounds like I should be the spokesperson for this app, haha.

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