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Scandal & The Side-Chick


Ah Scandal one of the most exhilarating-sexy-jaw-dropping novelas (as my people call it, haha) to ever hit the ABC network. Yes, not even Desperate Housewives compared, hell they aren’t even in the same league. It makes Thursday nights worth living for– at least all the Scandal lovers.

The passionate love affair Olivia and Fitz share is what every woman desires. Who doesn’t like raunchy sex in unexpected places with the possibility of getting caught? We all do! We also don’t want to share that man with anyone else especially if he’s a married man.

I think all us women who watch this love between Olivia and Fitz must not be confused with what’s really going on. Although we all root for them to end up together and become elated when Fitz just doesn’t give a damn about Mellie and gets it on in the control room with Olivia, we must remember this is just a show!

A fantasy.

It is not okay for a side-chick like Olivia, who although we all love and wish was our girlfriend, to sleep with a married man who might very well be our married man. Because when you least expect it you might be living Mellie’s life and we all see how that’s going for her.

Would you be rooting for the chick who was sleeping with your man? Don’t think so. Would you consider what they were doing as true love? Highly unlikely.

So why is it that we all love these knuckleheads together? Haha. It’s beside me.

Now before all you home-wreckers think that such an act is okay because it’s okay that Olivia and Fitz do it need to think again. Under no circumstance can you steal another woman’s man. You’re not in a television show, you’re not Olivia Pope nor are you Angelina Jolie.

Just because from last nights episode it seems that Fitz will leave his wife behind doesn’t mean that your taken man will do the same for you. It’s very unlikely that a man who is taken will just throw everything away for his side-chick. You aren’t the main chick for a reason. You can wait around to see if he’ll be just yours or you can wait to get your ass kicked by the main chick.

Choose your fate wisely—


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