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Rollerskating Date Night Fail

perfect date night idea

When it comes to my childhood a few things I clearly remember was loving volleyball, bicycling and skating, whether it was rollerskating or rollerblading. I wasn’t a professional, but I knew my way around the mean streets of Long Island! The rockier a street was you better believe I made sure to go through it. I honestly can’t remember why I stopped and thinking back it makes me pretty sad.

Using a babysitter with Hello Chime

Although most of my childhood was rolling around life on skates, I never went to a rollerskating rink. I KNOW! Where they do that? It became a bullet point on my bucket list, I became obsessed and knew I had to go one day. We picked a date for date night and then had to a plan a babysitter to come by and watch the kids because at 5-years-old Ziana Eliz just can’t handle the pressure. As you know I’ve used babysitters from Hello Chime before and still haven’t had any qualms about it. Ziana actually really loves having a babysitter– which is good– for us! And if you’re ever looking to try it out definitely use my code to get $50 off– use code Betsy.

Alright, date night was coming up and the boyfriend usually plans it all, but as I was becoming more and more anxious to roller-skate I decided to plan our date night. And that’s what we did! I decided that would be the night all my dreams came true– skating around in a rink while whizzing by people, looking absolutely flawless. There were a few places I found, but the most accommodating to what we wanted; live DJ and some oldies music. We ended up all the way in Staten Island at Roller Jam.

roller jam usa

Where to find a rollerskating rink in NYC

Well you guys am I happy I went rollerskating? Yes, did I suck? Absolutely! Where in my memories did I think I knew how to effortlessly roller-skate? I was terrified! SO terrified I ended switching to rollerblades because somewhere in my past memories I do remember knowing a little something about it… I think. To my surprise I was way better at rollerblading, still not great, but to the point that I was actually enjoying myself. You can watch all that fun where else, but the vlog here.

Review on Roller Jam USA

Roller Jam. was pretty big, they had great music which that night was 60’s and 70’s. They did mix in some fun 80’s and 90’s music, which I truly do appreciate because I’m not a huge fan of the 60’s and 70’s. It was clean, they had an arcade area which was pretty neat because I am an arcade kind of girl. Of course, there were drinks and food, but the food selection was super slim– chicken strips and pizza. Definitely need huge improvement in that, but other from that it was loads of fun. Not busy so no need to worry about getting crowded and run down.

Will I ever go rollerskating again? Most definitely… if they don’t have rollerblades available that is! We plan on going to a new spot in a few weeks so make sure you follow along on my Instagram to see where we end up next!.

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