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Reusing Lingerie in a New Relationship?


Women love lingerie and men do too– well some do. We love stacking up on cute and sexy outfits or just bras and panties. And you may also buy specific pieces for your current man, BUT what happens when you have a new man? Do you throw out that lingerie or reuse them?

Lingerie isn’t cheap! So I’m all for reusing what you have. Your man isn’t going to know who you used the black laced bra and peek-a-boo panties with, unless you tell him (or her).

Lingerie are like the regular clothes you put on. Just because you wore that jeweled-silk blouse with an ex doesn’t mean you can never wear it again! It’s not like you’re reusing the condom (yuck).

If it ain’t tore up, why ditch em?

I never had a man ask me whether a piece of lingerie was worn for someone else. I don’t think they care. Lingerie doesn’t even get used but for the 10 minutes you’re walking around in them or dancing for him. They come off and stay off.

There’s absolutely no code of ethics for lingerie. So keep your mouth shut and wear it like a Victoria Secret model 🙂

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    Arbo Doughty
    Jun 12, 2014 at 9:22 am

    Well…what if I gave you some lingerie I particularly liked that I had bought for an ex…and then wanted you to wear it? Or how about those sex toys…a dildo, or a rabbit…or that Tantra Chair my ex and I bought and had many a great times on…

    • Reply
      Jun 13, 2014 at 12:15 am

      lmao it’s just lingerie! You took it to the umph-teen level that’s just gross! lmao

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