Renaming Parts Of NYC To Sound Better

Looking for a new, affordable, up and coming area to move to? Well in New York City we have plenty new areas:


Don’t know what those abbreviations stand for? Well let me help you break it down:

•SpaHa (Spanish Harlem)
•SoBro (South Bronx)
•SoWash (South of Washington Heights)
•NoBat (North of the Battery Tunnel)

Now if you’re from New York I’m sure you choked on your own laugher like I did when I read this crap.


This has been going on for years! With New Yorkers naming areas such as SoHo, TriBeca, alphabet city and so on, but those areas are known to be good areas, plus we know what we’re getting into when we go to those areas. You can easily google them and get rather good comments on the areas.

However, google the South Bronx or Washington Heights? Hmmm, not so much. Realtors have been renaming such areas to sell these areas to people who don’t really know the difference between South Bronx and SoBro. Doesn’t SoBro sound so much better? Sure does, but don’t dare step foot in there unless you absolutely need to and especially not at night.

Brooklyn assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries has tried to pass some sort of bill to make it illegal for realtors to make up a name to sell areas. I don’t know what’s going on with that bill since there hasn’t been any new news on that topic.

Do you think realtors are deceiving us anymore than they already are? Or do they have a right since there’s no law against it?



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