Fast Food Employees Strike, Really!?

Just a little history on me–

I use to work at McDonald’s back when I was 14-years-old up until maybe I was 16? Not sure. But I absolutely loved it! For a teen to work, get paid, spend their own money and eat McDonald’s all the time? It was the greatest job ever!!!

At that age we don’t look at the minimum wage that was about $7 to be extremely low. It’s not like we could get a job anywhere else and I wasn’t going to make it a “career” so who cared?

I can’t speak to harshly on McDonald employees because I know people who have worked there and still work there, so I’ll try my hardest to choose my words wisely and correctly.

A couple of days ago all fast-food chain employees walked out and began striking demanding to get paid $15 an hour AND wanting to be part of the union. Yeah. That’s actually happening.

Looking back at my wage of $7 was ridiculous and to know that the minimum wage hasn’t gone up so much is still a bit ridiculous to me. I do think minimum wage should be increased to at least $9, maybe even $10 (which is being nice), but $15!? Do you have a degree for that job there sweety?

Didn’t think so–

Not saying that all McDonald employees don’t have degrees, but lets face it many of the workers don’t have degrees so why do they think they should be paid $15? That’s absurd. I see McDonald’s as a platform for high school, college kids getting their feet wet. Even for those who want the extra income, but not as a life-long career.


Hermes, for example, won’t hire any employees that don’t have an associate degree. Associates degree isn’t the greatest in the eyes of many, but you went to school and worked hard for a degree. Basically, you paid your dues.

There’s skilled workers/tradesmen who are only making $12-$14 an hour and they’re a skilled worker. How are you going to put a McDonald’s cashier above someone who has a skill? Doesn’t take much of a skill to flip burgers or press buttons on a register–

And this may sound very harsh, but I don’t think I’m the only one who would want their child thinking they don’t have to go to college because they’ll be paid well at McDonald’s without having a degree.

I think if these workers want to get paid more they should work for it. McDonald’s and other fast-food chains should pay for them to take a ‘trade’ or get a degree and have the workers commit three years or however long to their job. That’s the only thing I see working.

How do you feel?


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    Aug 1, 2013 at 7:13 pm

    Carambas. Ok, Economics 101. Living wage is the provision that states what would a salary need to be to meet basic requirements. Inflation–The concept of how much a dollar can stretch in current economic circumstances. I am going to validate that you worked for McDonald’s; however, as a resident of NYC, I would imagine you have witnessed how little 7 dollars an hour affords the average person. Add to that the recession, the not so abundant education aid, only expanded by the current presidency; additionally, jobs as of recently were being lost at a rate of 100,000/month. So, aside from the implied judgment, how exactly do you want the working poor, formerly middle class of two plus incomes to survive unless the minimum wage of 7.25, nationally, goes up and that places like McD’s adjust their entry salaries? I hope that makes sense. I also have a degree, double in Political Science and Economics. I also live in another megalopolis, ie, Los Angeles.

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    Jul 31, 2013 at 7:56 pm

    Simple. The 7 dollar wage of which you speak, adjusted for inflation actually comes closer to 20. Living wage is a right not a privilege

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      Jul 31, 2013 at 10:14 pm

      I’m not sure what you mean–

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