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Ralph Breaks The Internet Wreck It Ralph Teaser

It’s finally time… Ralph Breaks the Internet trailer teaser is here!

Ralph Breaks the Internet Wreck-It Ralph 2

Everyone loves a bad guy, right? Something intriguing and mystique about them, however, not everyone shares the same sentiments. Six years ago we were introduced to Ralph, Wreck-It Ralph to be specific– the bad guy of his video game. Ralph goes around wrecking everything in sight just to have Fix-It Felix come to the rescue and be the hero everyone in all the video games love. The whole movie is really cute; bad guy wanting to be a good guy and hero.

Well now Wreck-It Ralph is back– kind of– he’ll be back in November with Ralph Breaks The Internet. Thank you Walt Disney Studios! This time around Ralph is getting ballsy and escapes the arcade to wander into the world of the internet. Sounds like a exciting adventure for us to watch, but the rest of the world might not love the ‘wreck’-oning that Ralph brings. Did you like that? Haha.

This trailer is definitely a teaser since Ralph Breaks The Internet comes out in… drum roll… finger snapping… breathe in… breathe out…NOVEMBER! Way to keep the anticipation going Disney! Coming back are some of the original and fantastic cast members, with some new faces like Taraji P. Henson!

Ralph Breaks the Internet Cast

And since we do Youtube and love doing reactions to these kinds of things look out for Ziana’s video tomorrow!

Watch the trailer

Now crab a handful of popcorn and enjoy…

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