Pumpkin Patch Adventure

Yesterday was Ziana’s first time at the pumpkin patch in Queens County Farm Museum. Since Winter made an early arrival this year I dressed her warmly and had two blankets on her for when it got breezy. I had the bibs, extra onesies, diapers, wipes all in my diaper bag. I was well prepared, so I thought.

I went with my family and my friends family. She was by the way my best friend since I was 5 years old! Now we both have kids only one month apart and no we definitely didn’t plan it. The moment was surreal who pictures having a family of their own and having someone you grew up with experiencing that with you?

Anyways, we took a bunch of pictures. This whole time while we were planning on coming to the pumpkin patch I had envisioned a great photo of Ziana in a field of pumpkins. I tried to get a photo of Ziana with the little pumpkins all by herself, but them being small I wasn’t able to have them hold her up. When we went to the bigger field (which wasn’t even that much bigger) there were too many people! I knew it being a Sunday it would be packed, but I at least thought it would be big enough that I could get a picture of her alone like my brother usually gets of his kids. Than again his family does go on a weekday. This is the best I got..

Regardless we had fun spending time together and experiencing something new with our new families. As I said in the beginning, I thought i was well prepared, but wasn’t. As we were leaving my darling Ziana decided to give me a surprise as a ‘thank you for bringing me here.’ If you’ve read my earlier posts you know what she loves to do! Yeah, you guessed it she pooped! Leaked through her diaper and went all over her clothes (sigh). I had to wait on-line for the bathroom and use just about the pack of wipes and I forgot to bring extra pants! They were left on top of the hallway table. Thank goodness for the extra blankets!

We got three pumpkins and I can’t wait to get started on carving!
Now here are the photos of our trip. Enjoy 🙂

Yeah very blurred! Cant believe we didn’t catch this then….

Her little one Grayson fell asleep

By the way did anyone spot that me and Ziana are matching? 🙂 Daddy didn’t want to match, haha.

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