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Pride of the Hispanic Day Parade

Pride of the Hispanic Day Parade
Photos by Daily News- ALVAREZ, ENID/ALVAREZ, ENID)

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The last time I attended a parade and was actually on one was back in my college years and it was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Which parade was it? The Puerto Rican Day parade, and no I’m not Puerto Rican, but being around thousands of people who were just happy, living in the moment and cheering each other on was something that made me happy. Imagine how you feel when you see people united? It’s an unspeakable feeling that surrounds you.

It’s something I always wanted to do again, but didn’t thing would happen again, but life likes to not just through you lemons, but make you lemonade? Did I get that saying right? Probably not! Speak to the universe all your desires and you don’t know which one will become reality. Apprently, the universe wanted me to get my little self up on another parade as Johnson’s Baby invited me to participate in the Hispanic Day Parade this Sunday the 8th!! My response was “HELL YEAH” — in my head.

In the world we live today there’s no better way then to be united– to be in solidarity then with people (who although we’re all from different cultures) when you look at it, are one. I’m Peruvian, but feel hurt when my people are hurt, hurt that Mexico and Puerto Rico are currently in the middle of this horrific nightmare, devastated that illegals are being treated like the trash underneath our shoes, that people are treating my people- our people with such ignorance.

Why attend the parade?

The Hispanic Day Parade encourages the traditional values, music, costumes, and folklore of each participating country. For the past 30 years it was a parade celebrating this mixing pot that had become so diverse we were proud to be American Latinos. Let’s not allow a man and his disgusting words affect us. The character and integrity of Hispanics is being tested due to an unfortunate shift in public influence. Despite the negative draw, we remain united and the pride of our blended culture is stronger than ever. We’re a collective of heart, strength and perseverance. The parade is an avenue for us to be louder and more visible than ever- as one.

I hope all my fellow New Yorkers, Hispanic or not to attend the parade and enjoy in celebrating what we can all be– united as one.

The float will go down 5th Ave starting on 33rd and ending on 72nd St in NYC. Hope to see you there on the Johnson’s Baby float!

Photos by Daily News- ALVAREZ, ENID/ALVAREZ, ENID)

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