Poop & More Poop


Came back from running errands and Baby Z decided to leave me a present for when we got home poop! I don’t know what’s going on! I feed her rice cereal on occasion and started on carrots the other day, but mostly milk. So exactly what is she pooping out??

Last week, I decided to take a trip to my boyfriend’s job and waited in the car a bit until he got out. I fed Ziana in the car, burped her and then changed her. I usually wait about 20 minutes until I change her diaper to make sure everything is out. As I followed MY protocol, a bit later I saw she was making her poopy sound and face. To make sure it was just that I looked in her diaper and it flooded out! It got on her pants, socks, my hands. It was a green mushy mess!

A week before that she decided to poop while bathing. Seriously. I wrote about it before on an old post. Baby Z can poop so much that it has gone all under her car seat! I had to take her out and watch the poop drip on the floors! Do you know how difficult it is to take the car seat apart and put it back together? Well have a child and you shall see. With all the stress you go through when it’s happening you can’t help, but laugh too. Yep, I have video evidence and photos of these specials moments, haha.

Apparently, babies poop, doesn’t say why it comes out looking like they ate a buffet of food, besides it being normal. I looked it up and all it tells me is the smell and color between Breastfeed babies and formula fed babies, blah-blah-blah. Perhaps, Baby Z may be getting use to straight formula since I decided to stop Breastfeeding last Wednesday. The good old times…

*The above photo is of us and her after pooping for the fourth time today!*

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