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New Way of Printing Photos |Polaroid Lab

*New Way of Printing Photos |Polaroid Lab-This is a paid campaign with Best Buy and Polaroid. All opinions are my own*

The Polaroid Lab turns the photos on your phone into real Polaroid pictures. Never lose a moment again with the new PolaroidLab!

Polaroid always has something up its sleeve and this year is no different. I remember using a Polaroid camera as a kid and then decades later getting the newer ones for my daughter. But now, there’s yet another one! Polaroid Lab– same concept, but with a fun twist!

What is the Polaroid Lab?

The Polaroid Lab isn’t simply a printer, intended to reproduce the pictures on your phone, it’s an actual camera that uses a genuine photochemical process to give you an authentically exposed instant print of your images. 

Their propose is to get rid of the photos we take on our handheld and to physically enjoy them. Remember photographs? They want to bring them back in Polaroid film print fashion with some photo printing fun and an augmented reality feature.

The packaging comes designed in the Polaroid Originals, we all know and is built with thought; no sharp corners or harsh edges!

Polaroid Lab is not a printer, not a scanner, just an instant formula for timeless images. The Polaroid Lab takes the digital and makes it analog. It takes a photograph of your phone screen. Instead of pointing the lens at your subject, as cameras do, you place your smartphone on the lens tray.

But first makes sure to download the Polaroid Originals App-

The Polaroid Lab uses a 3-lens system to project the screen image from your phone, exposing it onto Polaroid film. The unique chemical process then develops the image into a Polaroid picture.

How do you use it?

From there, the Polaroid Lab communicates with your phone (no pairing or connection is needed) to establish whether the screen is in the correct position. Once it’s ready press the big red button to take an exposure. 

Cool part, you can make simple tweaks to the image’s exposure and color, you can also choose whether you want a single square Polaroid print or if you want to use multiple (two, three, four, six or nine) prints to create a collage using the same image! This is where creativity comes into play!

If making a single print, you also have the option to add a piece of augmented reality media. What is augmented reality? Well, it adds digital elements to a live view often by using the camera on a smartphone. Examples include Snapchat lenses and the game Pokemon Go! Get it?

By adding a photo or video (either a new one using your phone camera or an existing one that you’ve saved) to the image you’re printing, somebody else can use the Polaroid Originals App to look at the print and it will then use AR to superimpose the photo/video into the Polaroid frame. Super neat to use!

The photos come out smooth and no, they don’t have the same colors as the photos on your phone do, but that’s okay. That’s what makes the Polaroid Lab photos quirky. It gives it a bit of that old-school feel which is always trendy!

What are your thoughts? Pick yours up here-

Polaroid Lab Specs for Photos-

Compatible Film Polaroid: Originals i-Type and 600 film (Color, Black & White and Special Editions)

Compatible Smartphones: iPhone 6, 6s, 7, 8, X, Xs and newer, Most Android™ Smartphones

Lab Dimensions:

L 5.9 × W 4.6 × H 5.9 in (closed)

(L 150 × W 115.6 × H 149.7 mm closed)

Lid 1.6mm(H)

L 5.9 × W 4.6 × H 7 in (open)

(L 150 × W 115.6 × H 177.16 mm open)

Weight: 1.44 lbs (655 grams) (without film pack)

Battery: High performance lithium-ion battery, 1100mAh, 3.7V nominal Voltage, 4.07Wh

Materials: Polycarbonate, TPU, EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer)

Lenses: Optical grade acrylic lenses, AR coated on top lens surface

Shutter System: Fixed aperture, variable speed shutter module (solenoid)

The App: Available for iOS and Android

Compatible iOS versions: iOS 11+

Compatible Android versions: Android 5+

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