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Planning A First Birthday


So my little Buddha-belly finally turned 9-months last week! Yay! It’s exciting to see how much she’s grown, but then I remember I’m three months away from celebrating her first birthday (sigh). If I thought my life was stressful already it was only going to be worse.

Ziana’s first year of life needs to be celebrated in a big way– any child’s first needs to be. After that it’s going to be small dinners with my family because I see the problems this is causing me already. You have to think about what the theme is going to be, who you’re going to invite, what food there will be, where the location will be, decorations, music, entertainment and who knows what else.

All the themes that I’ve seen are played out– princesses, Disney characters, NickJR characters, and more plus I Ziana doesn’t like any of that crap. As of now I’m just concentrating as to decorations which will definitely have a whole bunch of balloons and lights. I’ll probably do a color theme or something to do with music since daddy makes music, mommy loves singing off-key and Ziana dances to us 🙂


I said from the get I didn’t want to invite a lot of people, but when you start to write people down somehow it all adds up times 2 of what you wanted. So far I’m on about 45 adults including me and Ziana’s daddy and 10 kiddies equaling to 55 people so far. What the fudge!? I’m all for cutting the list down, but then it’s dealing with people’s feelings getting hurt. Hopefully some people don’t come as long as it’s those with the kids, haha.

Now with the all those people comes the question about what food will be served. June is Ziana’s birthday which is beautiful weather of course one always thinks of BBQ, but who’s going to want to BBQ? Although my boyfriend is amazing at it I don’t want him being preoccupied in that and not enjoying the party with his daughter. My dad is a close second, but he’s not going to want to do it either. Therefore, I’m left with ordering food and its going to be simple not the typical Spanish festivity of having 5 different types of meats, rice, beans and all these different sides, haha. I’m thinking just one type of meat, rice, ziti and a side this isn’t a buffet!

What about the cake!? At first I wanted a great decorative cake like this one–

20130313-235114.jpg but then again wasting $100-$200 on a cake like this is wasteful. It looks great, but taste regular or not great at all so what’s the point? Plus it’s hot so why not eat yummy Oreo crumbled ice-cream cake?

The location will definitely be at my parents house where we can utilize the backyard. I’m definitely not wasting money to rent a place out for a couple hours. Now that I’m thinking of it I never even asked them! Haha, oh well.


What the best part of the party will be are the decorations which I’m already predicting all my money will go towards. I love balloons so much that if I could live in a house of balloons I would, so definitely expect a balloon explosion.

Entertainment I won’t have (magician) there’s no point. Ziana is a year old she’a not even going to know its her birthday much less know that a magician is doing all these tricks. Perhaps, there’s some other sort of entertainment I can have, but haven’t looked much into it yet. All I have looked into was having a bouncy house or bouncy house/pool. Of course there will be music, not a hired DJ maybe just Spotify playing or have a family friend spin.

As of now I’ve planned 0% just thought and ideas scrambled all in my brain. If you have suggestions be my guest 🙂

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  • Reply
    Virginia Gudiel
    Mar 14, 2013 at 1:08 pm

    awww! I remember when mini me turned 1! She just turned 5!! It is her 1st birthday so I know you want it to be special but don’t go too crazy because honestly she won’t remember it. And trust me..the older they get the more into their birthday they get. So go all out once she is a little bigger. =)

    I;m sure no matter what you end up doing it’s going to be fabulous! <3

    • Reply
      Mar 14, 2013 at 4:03 pm

      You’re absolutely right! I’m definitely cutting the list down! Lol

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