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PJ Masks Live

PJ Masks
We’re the PJ Masks
PJ Masks
We’re the PJ Masks

pj masks live

It still amazes me when I sit and watch cartoons with my kids and actually sing-a-long to the catchy tunes. Ziana is all about her cartoons and one of her favorites are PJ Masks because they get to dress up as super heroes and kick some serious butt. Now that Ziana has a little brother who copies and follows everything she does, he’s also become quite the little fan.

We took Ziana to her first concert during the summer, which you can read about here and she had a great time. We never took her to a theater and weren’t planning on one, until we got invited to see PJ MASKS LIVE at Madison Square Garden. And of course you know me and surprises, so Ziana has no idea about next weekend. The next person this will be a surprise for, but who doesn’t know what surprises are and probably doesn’t care is Gunner. We’ve never taken him to these kind of venues because if you’ve watched our Youtube channel you know that Gunner barely sits through a movie that’s geared for him. You would think animated talking pets would have him in awe, but nope!

Save money on PJ Masks tickets

I can’t wait to see Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko leaping, flipping and climbing – live on stage! And here to help you save some coins is a 25% discount on tickets by using code: FAMPJM

Hope to see you there!

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