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Kidz Bop Concert

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We’re a musical family- we listen to it, make sounds out of anything and of course belt out a few tunes. I was so excited when I announced to you guys that I’d be taking Ziana Eliz to her first concert– a Kidz Bop concert. Ziana was happy and most importantly surprised, which was the goal!

We had been out all morning and rushing to Brooklyn for the concert we didn’t have much time to grab food but with the VIP access we had tons of free food, snacks and drinks sponsored by Juicy Juice Splashers. Seeing all the kiddies dance around and get anxious to see Kidz Bop was too adorable. Then when the concert was over we got to meet them. Fan-girl!!

We were luckily seated in the front to see everything up close and personal and you guys I had the ‘Best Time of my Life!’ No lie. Sure, it’s a kid show, but they’re singing songs that we as adults sing to too. They’re all hit songs and I was really into the music, probably a bit more enthusiastic then Ziana. Plus, I’m always in awe when KIDS have so much talent. Think about it– they’re on tour for the next few months. Ziana enjoyed her time, danced and sang a long, but not as much since she complained about the music being super loud. It’s her first time— she’ll get use to it.

You might be skeptical to attend a Kidzbop concert with your kids, but it’s something they’ll enjoy and more than likely you will too! They’re still touring so you’ve got time to get your tickets– Check out more tour dates here.

kidz bop concert

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