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NY Baby Show For Parents

Left to right: Me, Claire Ryan, Nicole from and Danielle Wilson from

Left to right: Me, Claire Ryan from, Nicole from and Danielle Wilson from

This past weekend I attended the NY Baby Show and you may be wondering what exactly that is. The NY Baby Show was an exhibit of many family brands for you newborn to your toddler and anyone was welcomed to attend; expectant parents, first time parents to the been-there-done-that parents. I was super eager to attend because as you already know we are trying for our second headache– I mean bundle of joy, and this was a great preparation to see what great ideas and inventions the world was now offering. Oh, and before I forget a huge shout out to The Nanny League who was able to watch over Ziana and the other children while we worked. they took care of her so well, were all friendly and had lots of activities for the kids it makes me want to hire one of them to live with us, haha!

One booth I was super duper excited about was of course my visiting my second family, Canon! They were there to showcase some of their awesome camera’s like; EOS Rebel T6i and my dream camera for vlogging the G7X. They also had a section where they took some shots of you and your little one. On top of all that they also shared some great tips and tricks on how to best capture your family moments.

Here are some snap shots from my my vlog that day:

youtube vlogs

canon cameras

Peg Perego

It was a great to see Peg Perego because their a great family-run business that’s been around for years and many of us grew up on their products. They have great strollers, car seats, bike seats, toys and get ready for this, true to life vehicles! I had no idea they made those so I’m super excited since we are looking for one for Ziana. What really caught my eye though at the NY Baby Show were their high-chairs (photoed above). The green was a leather material and the checkered box one was m ore of a vinyl material. Both great fabrics because we all know our little ones get food everywhere so with those materials they’re a easy clean-up. Only issue I see is that it can get pretty sweaty for the kid if they have no shirt on while sitting there.

Quinny Zapp Stroller
These strollers by Quinny were definitely a looker at the show. They’re awesome colors were pleasant to the eye, but for more reasons then you know. What made them unique was that the umbrella part of the strollers could be detached and put on a different color stroller, giving it a color block effect. Style in a stroller? Yes please! Let’s not forget their smooth to maneuver around and folds to a very compact size, so you can store it easily in the smallest of spaces. They also sell great accessories such as a parasol and footmuff to keep your little one warm. Something I wasn’t to keen on was the amount of storage space underneath the stroller– too small for my liking. The stroller itself is retailed at about $350.

GB Qbit
The GB Qbit was another stroller that was showcased at the show. Althought it was very simple looking it had some great features as well. It was sturdy enough to carry around a child up to 50lbs. and seemed to be the perfect traveling stroller. The stroller had a large canopy which hello is awesome for those hot and rainy days, so compact that it could fit on an airplane’s overhead. A nice feature they had was an over-sized bag that fits under the stroller and gives you the ability to fit the whole stroller into the bag and allows you to carry it on your shoulder. The storage space under the stroller was definitely bigger, but wish the back end had a higher board– if that makes sense, so things could be more secured in there. Retailed at $179

 iAngel USA

organic baby carriers

BABY CARRIERS! When I had Ziana I had a baby carrier, but returned it because it just wasn’t my thing, but when I see these baby carriers by iAngel I fell in love and couldn’t wait for my bundle of joy to make it’s way already because I need to have this! Besides their super stylish carriers it had great features to it. It can easily convert from a baby carrier to a hip seat carrier because it’s detachable and can change from front-facing to back-carrying. The hip seat has an actual seat to relieve pain for you and provide comfort for your baby. More great features include a sleeping hood, organic teething pads, cushioned shoulder pads, pockets, detachable cover and so much more you’ll just have to check it out for yourself– Retailed at $150 – $225

hatch things
This little creation here by Hatch Things will blow your mind when you see how simple, yet BRILLIANT this invention is. Now I spoke about the strollers that I just reviewed and how the storage under the strollers didn’t seem big enough. Well this might be the perfect solution for us parents who need to carry bags of some groceries, clothes etc because this will give you the extra storage you need. And unlike any other bag that you can just hook to the handles of the stroller the “Hatch Things” is different. The bag has buckles at each corner of the bag to prevent your stroller from falling down, has stroller handle pockets that you can slip onto your stroller to keep it from sliding to the ground, and it can hold up to 10 pounds on each side. This is something all us parents have wanted yet never thought to create except the brilliant Sonjie Feliciano Solomon. Retailed at $15.95

Hansel and Gretel diaper bags
One of my favorite things about hauling around a huge bag of diapers, bibs, bottles, wipes and endless amount of other unnecessary things was that I loved my diaper bag. Now these diaper bags that were displayed at the NY Baby show me and my blogger beauty Danielle with gaga for. Hansel & Gretel is the brand and they’re genuine leather diaper bags all handmade in South Africa. The dimensions are; H: 27cm, W: 23cm, L: 40cm. It seemed like a decent size diaper bag, but don’t think it’d hold the 25 pounds of diapers I use to lug around, haha. Retailed at about $419

my carry potty
This little gem of a potty I gushed over at Bed Bath and Beyond a few months back. These My Carry Potty’s are what all us mommy’s and daddy’s need. On long road trips I’ve had to carry the big potty in the car and it’s annoying! Some are big and take up space and others have parts falling off while carrying it to the car. The solution? This cute portable potty. Genius and another “duh, I should’ve thought of this!” Retailed at $29.99

Vipose Baby Guard
Now this watch was pretty cool because it’s all about keeping your little bun in the oven safe. I couldn’t tell you how many times I was always told by people to stay away from radiation and although things such as a microwave are obvious there’s always hidden radiation around us. This here watch detects and warns of dangerous radiation which will warn you of radiation around you and how much of it there is.

Shea Moisture-Organic Lotion
You all know about my struggles with Eczema and how I’ve gone through bottles and bottles of products that promise to undo the dryness, but not many have worked for me. When I stopped by the Shea Moisture booth I had never heard of them, but my friend had and she swore by them. I had tried their ‘Raw Shea Butter Chamomile & Argan Oil Baby Eczema Therapy’ lotion and loved it. The dime size I put on was like magical experience. I told them I wasn’t sold quite yet because I had to see how long after it would work and it stayed on for probably a whole hour after. My new go to moisturizer definitely! Retailed at $9.99

mom's pump here
And I saved the best for last– Moms Pump Here. I know when I was breastfeeding I wasn’t brave enough to stick out my boob and start breastfeeding, I was more private about it. However, the issue with that was finding an area where I could feed Ziana in privacy. Well wouldn’t you know someone came up with a solution! The creators Priya and Kim are a couple of brilliant woman who figured they’d help us. They find, you find, anyone can find a place where they can breastfeed in private, rate it, share nursing room locations all by using their Moms Pump Here app- FREE. If you’re worried about this app possibly being sketchy, well don’t. Someone at ‘Moms Pump Here’ always checks the locations that are listed, calls the businesses to make sure that it is in fact a perfect place for you to handle your business.

Now there were a bunch of other great products, inventions, toys, but I just can’t fit them all here. I hope to work with everyone especially those listed here and if I do then best believe I will be sharing it with all of you!

Which of these products did you go gaga for?

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