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Nobodies Business


Back in 2009 when we heard that Chris Brown had put his hands and teeth on Rihanna we were shocked to say the least. Who would’ve known that the “meant-to-be” couple would ever be in the news do to a domestic dispute. Everyone was in uproar that Chris would ever physically hit the woman he loves, but what people were more outraged about was when Rihanna and Chris had taken a vacation just a couple of weeks after the incident. Even now there are people who disagree with their somewhat recent reunion.

What Chris brown did was wrong, but whose business is it that Rihanna took him back shortly after or even now after three years? Just like in their new song ““Nobodies Business” they speak well sing about how their love for one another is nobodies business. I completely agree! It’s wrong for a man to put his hands on a woman, but everyone makes mistakes and who are we to point fingers? And who really knows what happened? Nobody but them. We only know what was told to us through the media and through police reports that were taken from what Rihanna and Chris wanted to be known. So when we saw them kissing at the VMAS this year and partying together I was not at all surprised. I knew they’d find their way back to each other.


According to the media one person who is very upset about their reunion is Rihanna’s best friend Katy Perry who was reported to have she just doesn’t want to have anything to do with it. What a friend! Best friends don’t always know the truth about a relationship, but I’m sure that when everything went down Riri spilled every dirty little secret. It happens all the time. When things are really bad in a relationship you don’t tell people because you’re still with them and don’t want anybody judging the other person until after you call it quits. I know this first hand and I’m sure you all do too. What also put fuel to the fire ( Allie is Wired ) was when Katy didn’t attend Rihanna’s Halloween party and Riri didn’t attend Katy birthday fiesta. Big deal? Um yes it is! I would be quite upset if my BFF didn’t attend my party only excuse should be death. Maybe the media is just reading a little bit too much into it as usual, but who knows but THEM!

In closing mind your business and let them just be together! If it happens again then we can all be pissed at both of them, but until then let’s just be happy that the lovebirds have reconciled and are working things out. Even though last night Riri told Cohen they are not together, but he’s just “dope.” Something stinks….

Update! Here is the “Diamonds” video with Chris Brown making a special appearance [youtube][/youtube]

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