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Nickelodeon’s World Wide Day Of Play

I have a fun event for everyone to attend, but there are three conditions– who can make it to Prospect Park in Brooklyn, don’t have any plans this Saturday the 21st AND love Nickelodeon? Well if you answered yes, no and yes then this is for you!


The event is called Nickelodeon World Wide Day of Play, which is encouraging children to ditch all the electronics and do as we did way back when where we actually went outside and enjoyed the outdoors.

Come PLAY with Nick and over 30 national and local partner organizations that will be at this year’s event. Participate in activities like football, tennis drills, dancing, and double dutch with the NFL, NBA, USTA, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, the YMCA of Greater NY and more.

Oh, and did mention tickets are free? Just make sure to sign up for your free ticket at Nickelodeon World Wide Day of Play and although it’s free you do need a ticket to enter, only a few will be able to attend without tickets. Also all kids MUST be accompanied by an adult!

I was super excited to hear about this event from my friend Khryz (last-minute) since my little Z loves “The Fresh Beat Band” “Backyardigans” and “Yo Gabba Gabba!” So I’m a supporter 100% of any Nickelodeon event. Due to a prior scheduled appointment I may go late or not be able to go.

But have fun without me!!!

Past Nickelodeon World Wide Day of Play photos:






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