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New Cure for Eczema | Dupixent

New Cure for Eczema | Dupixent
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I’ve dealt with eczema since I was 5-years-old and it’s been a itchy rollercoaster. Eczema is a skin inflammation, also known as dermatitis and what I have is atopic– can be controlled, but not cured. I’ve done creams and allergy shots with no avail. Itchy red patches continued all over my body-

After about 8 months of allergy shots still being allergic to everything, because what the allergy shots do is inject you with what your allergic to in order to become immune to it, we decided to go a different route. That route being something called Dupixent which reduces the effects of substances in the body that can cause inflammation. One caution is that since the FDA just approved this in March 2017 there aren’t many studies done as to the effects. So far, so good, I”ll be a guinea pig.

Watch my review and INJECTING myself for the first time–

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