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Nanny Killer: Krim Murders



Many of you may remember the Krim murders that happened just days before Halloween last year (October 25, 2012) when two innocent children Lucia (5) and her brother Leo(2) were brutally murdered by their nanny on the Upper West Side. This story didn’t make headlines the way it was suppose to because then just a couple of days later Hurricane Sandy hit and the murders got pushed to the side. To read more read my previous post Alleged Nanny Killer.

This past Saturday the family attended a benefit for their children, Lulu and Leo Foundation, which helps bring art and science to the less fortunate and spoke briefly on the two children–

“My most magical moments with Lulu and Leo almost never involved material items. It was the look of pride I would see on Lulu’s face when I would pick her up from art class. It was watching Leo’s deep brown curious eyes track a caterpillar in the grass,” Marina Krim stated.


The only updates on the case itself is that finally after months Yoselyn Ortega has completed her psychiatric evaluation and has been declared fit to stand trial. Ortega is being charged with two counts of first degree and two counts of second degree murder. Ortega continues to be held at Elmhurst Hospital jail ward without bail.

I will be following this case as closely as I am with the Jodi Arias case.


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