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Alleged Nanny Killer

Right before Hurricane Sandy hit NYC on October 28th the news was running a story of a tragic event that occurred on the Upper West Side on October 25th, the babysitter who killed two young children. A Dominican babysitter by the name of Yoselyn Ortega committed an unthinkable crime against two innocent children, Lucia(5) and Leo(2) Krim. People were stunned and sick at the thought of someone doing this.

Just a few days later the case was pushed aside due to the hurricane and people seem to have forgotten, but I have not and I will never forget. As you have read in earlier posts I love children and any type of crime against children hit close to home. In case you need a refresher — a mother, Marina, had come back home after a swimming lesson with her middle child Nessie (3) when they entered their home of horror. Both Lucia and Leo were in a bathtub full of blood with their babysitter lying on the floor beside in her own blood. Mrs. Krim went to the children and knew that it was too late to save them. Now this is where I hear conflicting stories — its reported that Mrs. Krim saw Ortega stab herself in the neck and saved her or just saw her on the floor and saved her. Regardless, Ortega’s life was spared and she was put on life support for a few days.

NBC states that ‘the children’s father, Kevin Krim, a senior vice president for CNBC Digital and former Yahoo executive, was en route back home from the West Coast. Police broke the news to him at John F. Kennedy International Airport.’ Imagine how you would feel!? Knowing such a heinous crime was committed and you weren’t home or can’t even console your family in that very second. My heart breaks.

A couple of days after Ortega regained consciousness she admitted to the police what she had done. The media is stating that her reason for having killed Lucia and Leo was because she had recently run into money problems and was under a lot of stress. On top of her stress Mrs. Krim dared to add 5 hours extra to her schedule to help Ortega out financially! With the added hours the Krim family wanted her to do household chores as in addition to caring for the kids. How dare she!? Basically, this woman thought she was above that and complained how it interfered with her doctor appointments. This is why those children died! This woman deserves the death penalty! She was arraigned on Thursday, but remains hospitalized.

What’s even more of a slap in the face to the Krim family is the Facebook page that was created right after the children’s death in support of Yoselyn Ortega innocence. I have put my name on a petition to get the page removed please sign it because this family doesn’t need to this kind of disrespect.

In memory of Lucia “Lulu” and Leo the family are honoring the children by creating the Lulu & Leo Fund. The Fund will support participatory art and science education for young children in schools, museums, and other community institutions. On Mrs. Krim’s blog she describes the reason for such fund is that, ‘Lulu’s art classes provided some of her most joyful and enriching moments. We’d like to help other children obtain access to similarly great experiences.’ This is a beautiful way to keep the children’s memory alive.

I will be following up with the story and I hope all you will too. Hopefully the justice system does not disappoint us again as the Casey Anthony case did.

UPDATE: 12/29/12
Not sure when Huffington Post wrote this but it’s the only new news I got on this case:

Her attorney, Valerie Van Leer-Greenberg, entered the plea on her behalf of not-guilty. She declined to talk to reporters after the proceeding.

Judge Lewis Bart Stone ordered her held without bail while she undergoes a psychiatric exam.

Van Leer-Greenberg told the judge her “client is profoundly, medically impaired and in need of medical attention.”

Her next court date is Jan. 16.







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