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My Night With Eminem


It was a brisk cold night in October. I decided to hit up an exclusive club I had heard so much about. My group of girls and I were ready to live it up like it was our last. While dancing I had taken a moment to take a breather, as I looked up I seen Em staring at me so intensely I felt my clothes already coming off. We got lost in each others eyes for a moment– and I don’t even remember how we got in front of one another, but we did.

Eminem introduced himself– as if I didn’t know who he was, but it was sweet. We got caught in conversation for a while, when someone abruptly bumped me hard enough into him that we were closely lip to lip.

Eminem grabbed my arms and slid one of his hands down my thigh, caressed the inside of my thigh. Up and down. Kissed me softly on the my neck. With each kiss, he moved towards the nape. Slowly, starting to unbutton my jeans, warning my body, exciting my body, preparing me for a pleasure that awaits.

Both Eminem and I got turned on by the thrill of knowing we could be caught at any moment in the crowded room. Exciting the pleasure in an open area where at any time someone would glance over at us and notice our faces.

The sheer ecstasy overwhelmed me and clearly showed on my face. Panting. Breathing heavy. The urge to rush into a private room surging my mind. I- couldn’t- stop…..

Was that as good for you as it was for me? Oh, come on! I can’t give all the details. I kiss and tell, just can’t tell it ALL.

Okay, so that story was fictional– haha sorry. I too wish it were true. I decided to write this story because one blogger supposedly had a make-out session with Adam Levine and lived to blog about it. Apparently, they made out and he was an amazing kisser. He wanted to go all the way, but no-no-no this blogger wouldn’t do such a thing since she just met him (side-eye). When they finished their make-out session she didn’t even leave her number! Imaginary or not, what a boooooring story.

So I thought it would be nice for me to make up an imaginary night I had with this amazingly brazen SECOND (because my boyfriend is first) sexy white man, Eminem.

We’ve all dreamed about having our beds taken up by our favorite star, right? So why not live a little in your imagination?


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