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My Best Friends

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My daughter is only three and she’s my best friend! Shocking? Cute? Dumb? Many will have an opinion on this because why wouldn’t they? What’s life without difference in opinions? It might be a bit strange that I consider my three-year-old my best friend, but after careful consideration– she’s my only bestie!

I gave birth to my best friend and I couldn’t be happier. As a young kid I always wanted a child. I knew being a mother was in my cards, having a miniature you to love and who’d love you back unconditionally. I must admit when I was pregnant I had no connection to Ziana. I wasn’t one of those mothers who felt such excitement over my pregnancy. I didn’t even know how I’d feel after I gave birth. It wasn’t instant because of all the changes that were going on and the anxiety of it all was a bit much, but after a while I finally realized what love really was.

Three years in counting and I can appreciate her. Yes, I appreciate her. After all the hell she gives me from talking back to me, not listening and rolling her eyes she also puts me at ease. Through me yelling, disciplining and spanking her, she still comes back to tell me I’m her best friend and she loves me. Of course, she has no idea what a best friend is, but it melts my heart. The unconditional love is something I still can’t wrap my head around. I love my mother, so I get it, it’s just an amazing emotion that was given to us all.

I remember this one time where I went crazy on her for doing something she wasn’t suppose to do and after punishing her I started crying on the bathroom floor. There we were crying together. I apologized to her for being mean and had a talk with her. Ziana went on to hug and kiss me. What best friend does that?!? Without a doubt there will be more times like that one, but that’s life and one can only continue to grow from that. Our relationship grows stronger each day as we understand what we need from one another– that’s the obstacle.

As Ziana gets older she’s going to call me crazy, probably tell me she hates me, but always love me, but I’ll always be the one she runs to when she needs something. Hopefully all this suffocating love of millions of kisses and hugs a day I give the kid will pay off when I’m old and saggy.

It’s without a doubt hard to be a mommy. Some aren’t ready for it, or so they think, I wasn’t even ready. I never knew when I’d be ready, but I’m glad she swam her fastest to my uterus. Being a parent is a roller coaster of a ride where you’ll love being a mom one day and the next wallow in your own tears about wanting back your old crazy-dancing-on-bars life, but when put in perspective this life is way more fulfilling to live and having those hiccups with my best friend is just well, worth it. What’s even better is that in a mere four months I’ll be having two best friends for a lifetime.

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