Who can’t stand their mother-in-laws? I’m sure there’s about more than half of people who have their hands raised.

Now, who adore their mother-in-laws? Me and perhaps 10% of other people. Haha. Sure, she’s technically not my mother-in-law by marriage, but I have a kid with her son, so it’s just the same 🙂


Lets face it when you’re dating someone you’re not only in a relationship with them you’re in a relationship with their moms. Dads too, but I’m speaking more on a woman’s perspective when dating a man, because, well I’m a woman!

I never had an evil, bitchy or an annoying mother that I ever had to deal with thankfully. I did have one who wouldn’t give me the time of day because she was in love with her sons ex-girlfriend. Other from that, I never had horrible experiences like many women unfortunately do.

If your mother-in-law is a nightmare there’s really no hope for change, but here are a few tips to get things off on a good foot for the beginning of your relationship with her:

1- Be polite. A compliment or two goes a long way, but don’t kiss ass!

2- Don’t argue in front of her– at least in the beginning. You don’t want that first few impressions of you to be of a nagging girlfriend/wife.

3- Don’t tear your man away from their family, much less their mothers. I always encourage my boyfriend to call his mom every couple of days.

4- Filter what you say. You’re still getting to know them so being you which may be great might not be so great for them.

5- Get to know them. Listen to what they say and learn their likes and dislikes

6- Make sure you let them know they are a part of your family. I’m always sending videos and pictures to his mother.


All these tips are for the beginning couple of months while you’re getting to know her. Once you know them and are comfortable you’ll know what you can and can’t say to them or around them.

Lucky for me, my mother-in-law grew up crazy and fun has continued to be that way. I don’t have to deal with a judgmental old hag. Instead, we talk about her son, we make fun of each other, curse in conversation, watch the same shows, make sex jokes or talk about sex– yes, a bit awkward, but we’re comfortable with one another. There’s really no limits, haha.

When their young and hip there’s a bunch of things you’ll have to talk about.

Where the real problem lies, even after you’ve followed some of my advice is if they’re old and traditional you may have to fake the funk and play the role of Betty Crocker’s first cousin when you’re around her.

How do you deal with your mother-in-law?



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