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Mom’s Night Out with Bloggers

Mom’s Night Out with Bloggers

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There’s nothing better when you get a break from the everyday mom routine and get to have a mom’s night out. Thanks to the fabulous Nicole from Mom Trends, Parents Magazine and Parents Latina, I was invited out to mix and mingle with fellow bloggers and a few brands.

If you read an older blog of mine, “Becoming a Blogger”, I gave some tips in my video of how I started blogging and some important steps to take. I have always said that networking is important to grow. Meet other bloggers, meet PR companies, meet brands, meet the damn bartender! There’s always an opportunity to grow.

Networking during Mom’s Night Out

Boiron natural remedies
Mom Trends always throws a fabulous event and this time around they had Boiron who showcased their popular and quality cold medicines along a nice mason jar of smoothie-greatness! This station was my favorite because you know my love for smoothies, plus we got to decorate them with flowers making them eye-catching for Instagram photos.

Returns balance to your intestinal tract Boosts overall digestive health Supports the immune system
Another station was packing up a diaper bag for your fictional newborn baby with Culturelle— I remember using Culturelle when the kids were babies due to fussiness and crying. Babies tummy’s are still developing so Culturelle comes in to reduce the upset tummy. It’s the best place to get probiotic supplements for all ages. Their stuff helps to restore the natural balance of good bacteria in your intestines, supports good digestion and immune health. Honestly, the whole family could use a daily dose of Culturelle since it has all we need to help build up our immune system—we all know the older you get everything gets shot to hell.

VTech toys offers hours of creative fun for kids of all ages.
Maybe you don’t know, but during the summer I started working at TTPM where I get to review and play with toys. One of the brands I’m always reviewing is Vtech. Vtech has always been the leading brand for educational toys for children as young as 0 months. I love everything educational from musical influence to learning numbers, letters, colors etc so knowing that they keep improving makes me jump on their bandwagon every time. During the Mom’s Night Out we saw the top toys list for Christmas and amigos, we’ve got a problem! They’ve improved more of their toys and have finally included Spanish-speaking options for some of their toys.

JcPenney's new lifestyle brand, Peyton and Parker
Saving the best for last, JcPenney’s introduction to Peyton & Parker; an in-house designed lifestyle brand that will make you go ga-ga. I recently said on my last post that JcPenney’s sometimes goes unnoticed, but they shouldn’t. They have good quality items for affordable prices, such as the new Peyton & Parker. This station was fun – we got to dress up mannequins with pieces from their line and I did pretty well with my ideal family who didn’t talk back. Not only does Peyton & Parker have stylish pieces for the holiday season, they also have home décor pieces featuring a lot of plaid (my fave). Now, there’s more I want to share with JcPenney’s, but perhaps a separate blog post would be more appropriate…

What did you think of some of the pieces I mentioned? Mom’s night out was a success!

New York City bloggers

Peyton & Parker

Parent's Magazine event

mom's night out

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    Oct 26, 2018 at 11:09 pm

    That was a great night out for us all! I especially loved the adorable and affordable JCPenney finds! Stop by my blog to read my review of Peyton and Parker as well as the event recap too! And please leave a blog comment if you do 🙂

    • Reply
      Oct 27, 2018 at 12:04 am

      Yes!! That’s my favorite word… affordability !!

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