Mission Impossible: Changing Diapers

Changing diapers use to be an easy task– place baby down, take off clothes, wipe and put new diaper on. That was all– no fuss, no tears, just an easy and calm baby. I was forewarned by my sister-in-law who said, “just wait till she can crawl she won’t be staying still.” Of course I was naïve to think my daughter would do such a thing!

Before being an active child Ziana would stay still and not move an inch. Now? It’s a mission impossible. I just want to keep this kid naked since she apparently hates putting clothes on or off. She’ll cry because she has a dirty diaper, but shame on me for trying to help her with the issue. Screeching sounds of pain and terror come out this girls mouth and trying to escape from the hands of the evil witch becomes a mission impossible for her.

As soon as I lay her down it begins. I have to flip her over back on her back more than 15 times, try to entertain her by talking or giving her something to touch. Within seconds she’s bored and sees something else she must touch! Of course she attempts to reach the unreachable and will cry again when I prevent her from achieving her goal. Thankfully, for some reason when we’re out in public she doesn’t squirm a bit. I think it can be all the people who walk by or the new things she see’s around her that have her tamed.

What I’ve learned babies hate to be controlled– who doesn’t, right? But they just don’t have time to be bothered with tedious things such as getting a diaper changed or being clothed. So why cloth them!? Oh yeah, they’ll get cold. Talk about an unappreciative kid…

Or maybe it’s all my fault? Maybe I should learn how to speed up the process by doing it faster and then I could be in the Guinness Book of World Records of being the fastest diaper changer in the world! Now that I think of it, it’s probably Ziana trying to help me. Talk about an unappreciative mother, huh?

The simpler times—

What can help making the process easier is:
– Sing to them
– Yell the way they yell (mocking)
– Give them a diaper to examine
– Give them anything they want which wont be harmful to them
– Tie them down with the buckle on the changing table
– Try giving them a sip of a drink from their bottle/sippy cup
– Talk to them
– Play peek-a-boo, clap your hands, sway your hair all around like you just don’t care

Your job is to ENTERTAIN! So entertain.

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