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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

mickey mouse around the world clubhouse

We’re huge Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fans not only because the whole gang is so cute, BUT because it’s an interactive and learning show that has shown my daughter many great things! Imagine how happy we were (mostly me) when I saw that Disney released a new DVD called “Mickey Mouse Around The Clubhouse World” which is a fun new 25 minute long episode of Mickey and the gang traveling the world.

Included in the DVD are four episodes which you’ve probably already seen on TV, plus a personal passport for your child to fill their own book with stickers as the Clubhouse friends collect passport stamps. I loved how interactive it was with my daughter as the television show usually is, but to have a passport just like Mickey’s was pretty neat. The film includes bumps on the road that Mickey and the gang need to solve, which of course is important for our little ones to learn; how to problem-solve.

Trust in me when I say if your child hasn’t already been a fan of the show the will be after this DVD.

You can always buy yours at the Disney store for $14.95!

mickey mouse clubhouse

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