Men Are From Mars & Just Dumb


Men, men, men. I think us women have all gone through that moment where we have said, “what’s wrong with me?” Don’t say you haven’t because you have! Well ladies it isn’t us-usually. Despite our uncontrollable, emotional and dramatic personalities we aren’t always at fault when the MEN mess up.

Me and my cousin use to always have crazy stories to tell one another, now it’s just her telling the stories, haha. While we would go through the issues with the guy, it was unbelievable what we had just went through, yet when we talk to our girls it’s so unbelievable it’s comical.


I remember dating this one guy and after a couple months we stopped dating. Years later we had bumped into each other again and started to date again. Of course, when we bumped into each other I asked all the right questions, “are you single?” “Are you married?” and “Do you have kids?” Thinking that people are honest I took his word for it! I like to believe the world is truthful and honest, coo-coo. Oh and a quick fact he was a twin. Anyways, after about a month I get this phone call and it’s this girl claiming that she is this guy’s girlfriend and wanted to know who I was. I started laughing and said “are you kidding me!?” I told her everything! Every detail from years ago to that present day. I came to find out that they were together back then when me and him were dating too. Crazy right? We spoke a few times and I told her she can do better. I saw what she looked like and she was a very pretty girl. Don’t know whatever happened there.

The next story is familiar however, some domestic violence went down, haha. I had started dating this guy and asked the same questions. He stated he was living with his aunt and cousins by my house. We would hang out and talk. We’d talk about anything, like work or about his neighbor and how loud they were because they had 12 children. Anyways, I remember having gone on his MySpace page and seen a couple pictures of him and some girl, so I proceeded to ask him about it. He said that it was cousin. I took his word for it, but something still seemed off. Since she was on his top 8 (remember that?) I messaged her and asked who she was. This girl said that the guy I was talking to was her BOYFRIEND! We exchanged numbers and I let her know everything. I remember when me and her were on the phone he came in and was telling her to hang up. This little punk was saying I’m a liar and he hasn’t spoken to me in years, I said, “oh yeah? So how do I know about your loud neighbors and all her 12 kids?” As soon as I said that his girlfriend flipped and hit him and then the phone went dead. Oops! Oh well.

What I did by snitching on the guys can be controversial to men, but all I can say is if you lie it’s going to bite you in the ass. Us women should have each others back as men have each others back.




Males are definitely a different species. It doesn’t matter if your the hottest woman on the planet, look at Halle Berry, Tyra Banks, Shania Twain, Eva Longoria and so on. They are so obviously beautiful it’s disgusting. I remember one guy saying ” there’s nothing better than new pu**y (you know what!)” I mention that now to my boyfriend and my male friends and although some agree others state that it’s not true. The men who state that it’s true apparently, believe that the same partner gets old, so why not try something new without trying to get caught? Now it becomes a game. They get points for lying and not being caught in their lie and bonus points if they sleep with the girl without getting caught. Where is their conscience? Not anywhere to be found, because they have already made up some legitimate excuse in their small-minded brains to do it.

They don’t care if they’re in a relationship because guys think their invisible and untouchable. Guys are very good at being conniving and making women feel as if we are over reacting and making things up. They make it seem like its our fault and we fall for it. Next thing you know it’s us apologizing for their stupidity. I’ve been there, I know!


Basically, the reason for this post is if any girls or even women read this, is to know that it isn’t always us. You are not alone. We have all gone through it, even those women who act all tough and are so-called “man-eaters.” Eventually, the nice guy will win and we will realize what we really want in a man than the fantasy that we all think we want.

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