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March Muscle Makeover (Fitness)

March Muscle Makeover (Fitness)

For those of you who watch my daily vlog channel on know that boy toy (boyfriend) and myself have spoken about this “March Muscle Makeover.” Basically, what we’re going to do is compete against one another to see who gets the best progression of muscle definition. We want to get back into our fitness and live a bit more healthier.

We are changing our diets just a tad by not consuming as much junk food and eating things in moderation. Instead of heating up a frozen pizza we’re going to eat a healthy tunafish sandwich or salad– at least try to. In all honesty it’s going to be hard!

If you haven’t watched our video on my other channel you should because we explain everything we’re doing and why we’re doing it all in-depth.


My goal isn’t to lose anymore weight, but to define my muscle which is hard to do. I go to the gym 2-3 a week and I run around trying to catch a kid so that’s my form of exercise. I may also join my boy toy when he does his P90X3 and use the resistance bands from

These are the products I’ll be using–
1. Flaxseed Oil pills from Berkley & Jensen. Flaxseed is great for weight loss, high-blood pressure, your heart, helps fight diseases and so on. Even if you’re not into the weight loss movement this is great to have. I’ve continued to use these pills even after I finished my “Smoothie Diet” months ago.

2. CLA-1250 pills from . These pills help your immune system, toning and is a muscle protein accumulation. When taking these pills it’s important to have a high protein- low carb diet. You can still have yummy pasta, rice and potatoes, but everything on moderation and not on a daily basis.

3. Hydroxycut Hardcore also purchased from helps you lose weight and will give you extreme energy to keep you active to hopefully sweat the fat off. It also includes green coffee extract which is a great for weight loss.

4. Lastly, muscle milk whey protein which was purchased from BJ’s. This gives you extra protein which is good to keep your body strong. You can drink this before or after the gym (if you go to the gym) or just any regular day and this is to supplement a meal. What’s great about this product is that Muscle Milk comes in array of flavors like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, cookies and cream and banana.

Now for boy toy he’s going to be doing double the work since he has to lose some weight and build muscle.

He’ll be using the irongym (pull-up bar), dumb bells, resistance bands from , walking and P90X3!

His supplements consist of:
1. BSN-Syntha-6, which is a protein supplement. Purchased at

2. BSN-Hyper FX which will give him extra energy and power during his workout, increase focus, and help with weight loss. Purchased from

3. Optimum- Creatine Powder will increase muscle strength, power and his size. Purchased from

4. Optimum- Fish Oil soft gels. These have DHA and EPA fatty acids that the body can’t produce. These are great for your heart! Also, purchased from

March Muscle Makeover has officially begun and we hope you’ll join us on our progress and perhaps join in the boyfriend vs. girlfriend competition! Who do YOU think will win?

March Muscle Makeover (Fitness)

March Muscle Makeover (Fitness)

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