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Man Divorces Wife For Giving Him Ugly Children

Let’s be real with ourselves shall we? Not every baby is cute and some grow up to be hideous looking adults. It’s a fact. We all have a shallow bone in our body where we instantly think or say “damn she’s ugly” or “how the hell did he get her!?” Doesn’t mean you’re an awful person for having thought it!

I’m sure many of you have seen the article and photo circulating all over social media outlets about a father in China who sued his ex-wife for giving him ugly children.


According to Mommy Page, Jian Feng divorced his wife and then sued her for giving birth to an “extremely ugly baby girl”. Say whaaaaat? How does a parent say that about a kid? I don’t know, but apparently it happens.

“I married my wife out of love, but as soon as we had our first daughter, we began having marital issues,” he told the Irish Times. “Our daughter was incredibly ugly, to the point where it horrified me.” Lol. Unbelievable. I never met a kid that was that ugly it horrified me. Have you?

Feng even went as far as accusing his wife of infidelity and claiming the kids weren’t his. DNA proved him wrong, they were indeed his ‘ugly’ kids.

Feng claimed his wife deceived him with the secret plastic surgery and was therefore, able to get him to marry her under false pretenses. He was awarded $120,000.

20131108-233602.jpg Before and after surgery

This story has had it’s doubts regarding its validity on whether or not this is actually the family since the story only mentions the “hideous daughter.” And if she was so “hideous” how could he have had more children knowing the possible outcome?

Regardless of it being true or not, this brings up a good topic for discussion. I feel a little bad for the dad. No one wants ugly children, so to be given that, well– sucks. Of course I’m not at all condoning his douche-bag behavior, but if he had known that his wife was actually ugly he never would’ve never married her. Shallow much? Yeah, just a little, but we all have our standards; her before photos weren’t up to par with his.

What I want to know is, how do you date someone without ever seeing pictures of them growing up or having a family member spill the beans. It’s like marrying someone you barely know.

I do feel bad for these kids. The World Wide Web just keeps getting larger than life itself that they’ll grow up knowing their dad was a douche of a man. Whether the story is real or not those kids are growing up scarred knowing that half the world think their ugly.

What do you think?



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    Nov 12, 2013 at 1:35 pm

    He needs to take a look in the mirror because he’s not a pretty site to look at either…..

    • Reply
      Nov 13, 2013 at 9:25 pm

      Haha, yes, some might say that!

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