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Magical White Jeans

magical white jeans

You guys know I love WHITE JEANS! Well, white clothing period, but white jeans during spring and summer is so beautifully chic, classy and of of course sexy. Also, as you may remember that white can still be worn way after Labor Day as I said in my prior blog post “White After Labor Day”  If you remember in that post I had someone spill red wine all over the butt part of my white jeans and I went into panic mode.

No woman wants bravely wear those white jeans just to have them stained by the middle– or end of the day so when it happens it’s quite a dramatic experience. I was lucky enough to be at my friends house that day the red wine spilled and take them off to wash and wear a pair of her slacks, but what happens when you’re in public and a glass of wine or a cup of coffee spill on them? WHAT NOW!?

Well, leave it up to the world of fashion to fix that problem for you– for a cost of course. Joe’s Jeans has created the Spotless Collection that will repel coffee stains and red wine stains. Magic ladies and gentlemen. What’s great about them is that the not only come in one style, but they come in ankle jeans, trousers, skinny jeans, shorts and skirts! And for only about $145-$189 they can be yours! Great if you’re not a blue-collar working class citizen who doesn’t have to worry about bills and putting money in your kids mouth, but if that’s not you then yay for you! Let us know how that goes!

magical white jeans

Oh, and two big not so-great things about these magically jeans is that although they repel coffee stains and red wine, they won’t repel makeup stains, nail polish or lip gloss. I mean how clumsy are some people? Then comes the big issue– the magically white jeans will only be magic for 20-washing cycles in normal wash. So you’ll only be able to be klutz 20 times when wearing the magically white jeans. Hence, we’re not suppose to be washing our jeans after every wear, but come on these are white jeans, white is visible and grabs dirt along the way, is it really worth it?

I don’t drink coffee or wine personally and I’ve always been carefully when my clothes. These jeans wouldn’t be something I splurge on, although it would be nice to feel like a super-hero for a day 🙂

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