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White After Labor Day

I hope you all had a fun weekend as I did! Saturday was my friend’s birthday so we ended up going to her house and celebrating there.

I ended up wearing classic black & white, yes white, I’ll speak on that in a second. Lately, I’ve been so into fashion spending my hard-earned– okay my boyfriends hard-earned money, on clothes and shoes because who doesn’t need the necessities in their closet for every season? I’ve been actually studying fashion, see how pieces go together, what colors look good, how to step out the mundane box of being safe in fashion that we all live in.

At my friends get together I wore a sheer/lace black top with white pants:

Now you may be thinking what I was thinking wearing white, what happened to the ‘no white after Labor Day’ rule? Well, that rule doesn’t exist and hasn’t for a long time. Yet, people still believe it to be true and that’s exactly what happened that night.

While sipping on my sangria a man by the name of “fancy hands” wailed his hands around and knocked my sangria all over my white pants! Crotch and all–
My friend said, “that’s what you get for wearing white after Labor Day!” That’s when it hit me. People really do live by that ridiculous rule.

Little did she know and others, even myself back then is that whites can be worn all year round. I’m here to help you learn what the real rules are as I learn them too.

That rule is linked to decades ago where you could point out who had money and who did not. So if you want to feel rich, wear white.

20130922-154416.jpg Photo by: Glamour/ outfits left to right: Derek Lam, Proenza Schouler, Tommy Hilfiger

White coat, white skirt, white top is OKAY! Wear white and you’ll already be making a bold statement and people will applaud you– at least those who know the real rules 🙂

A huge fashionista-trendsetter-movement you can easily be a part of (not follow because I don’t like that word) is mixing your spring/summer clothing into your winter wardrobe.

Easily put on your lite white dress, add a coat, scarf and closed-toe shoes and BOOM you’re on your way. College Fashion puts this together best :


With that be bold and be brave. Go back into your storage closet and put on that white blazer or pair of white jeans. My rule; if you fear it, wear it– usually.


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