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It’s been a month since I signed my soul over to the gym and I semi-love it. I was shopping around for gyms and either they were too expensive or didn’t have a daycare.

Eventually, Lucille Roberts on Forest Hills, Queens got note of it and whispered my name–

When I initially contacted them over the phone I was told that it was $15 a month, no activation fee and daycare was included. The only thing was that every 6-months they would charge $30 to continue the up-keep of the gym, since its already so cheap.

Great deal, huh?

Well– not completely.

They tried to get me to sign-up over the phone after I had already told them I wanted to go in personally and poke my head around, especially in the daycare area.

As I walked in I was told something totally different from the phone conversation. Besides the $15 a month membership, there was a $10 activation fee and daycare was $2 an hour. Oh, and they conveniently didn’t tell me that they were charging my credit card an extra $5 bucks since I didn’t pay in cash. Ridiculous.

Lucille Roberts is cheap which I love. They have classes which is even better. There have been a few incidents where they tried to force us to watch DVDs to workout instead of having the trainer. If I wanted to follow a DVD I would’ve stayed home and save my money!

They have equipment too– well a lack there of. It’s super tiny so there’s not much room. There are signs that they are adding more equipment, so we shall see!

Two last tidbit of advice– the sales they have going on is always on or comes back around quickly, so don’t be pressures into signing up right away if you’re not ready.

Lastly, don’t be fooled by the advertisements of these kind of girls– because not one person is looking like that, haha.


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    Brittany -
    Jun 10, 2013 at 4:22 pm

    Hi Betsy,

    We’re so excited to have you as a member. I have attended the Forest Hills gym a few times and I think it is great! I just wanted to address the points you made in your post:

    – We have a variety of sales and sometimes we waive the registration fee during them, or the fee is $1. We also have some specials that are online only and don’t apply if you register in person. The best way to find our our specials is to check

    – We do not include babysitting in our membership prices because not all of our locations have babysitting and even if they do, the hours may not be convenient for every member. To keep things fair, we only change the fee for those who use it and we think $2 is an excellent rate!

    – In terms of the videos we have implemented an amazing “Fitness on Demand” program at Forest Hills so that there is pretty much a class every hour for women who have different schedules. In order to introduce them to our members on a large scale, we have been rolling them out during live classes. If you’ve taken one, I’m sure you’ll notice that it is very different than popping in a DVD at home. You still have the class atmosphere, an instructor walking around and the instructors on the screen have years of training and are of the highest quality. The FoD class WILL get you results. I’ve taken them and I know!

    If you have any more feedback about your membership, please feel free to email me. You can find our address in your admin comments panel!

    Have a great day,
    Digital Director

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      Jun 10, 2013 at 8:59 pm

      The price for babysitting is affordable. The whole gym is affordable which is why I decided to go! However, I hate being lied to and saying in wont be charged for an activation fee when I will be charged or babysitting is included when it’s not.

      The classes are amazing and I enjoy them very much with no video lol.

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