Love Her, Love Her Not


The simple ways to her heart….

1. Give her your PIN number to your phone.

2. Give her a draw in your room for her things. Just enough for underwear, bras, jeans and a couple of shirts.

3. Making a reservation for dinner instead of just showing up at a restaurant– planning means commitment.

4. Being there when she wakes up. Enough with the sneaking out!


5. Speak to whoever is calling you in front of them.

6. Give her your job number.

7. Have a picture of the both of you on Facebook/Twitter

8. Introduce them as your girl as opposed to your “friend.”

9. Dress nice, but not nicer than her.

10. Let her drive your expensive car if you have one.

11. Give her a key to your place! Just don’t change the locks, haha.


12. Stop taking her to the theater that’s miles away from your home and down an alley.

13. Don’t kick her off the bed! This will show you’re aware she’s there and care.

14. Let her pick the movie for the night.

15. Time to meet mom and dad! Will you make the introduction?

16. Show some PDA. Not too much, but just enough– sneak a kiss or two in.

17. Buy her a toothbrush for your place!

18. Ask her opinion on important matters in your life.

19. Plan a party together– dinner, game night etc.

20. Lastly, tell her you love her or just simply express your feelings.


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