Losing Our Virginity


Ah, your virginity how valuable and sacred it is. We grow up thinking that it’s something no one can touch until we’re in love and then learn it’s something we actually want someone to touch. It’s something all girls and women should value to the highest regard, but sadly don’t.

It’s something we want to get rid of quickly.

It’s something we think will make us more of a woman, but it doesn’t.

Why are we so quick to leave our innocence behind and enter the grown-up world of stress, pain and heartache? We think that if we give up the goods the boy will like us more, but boy, do we find out quickly that’s not the case. It’s after years of enduring heartache after heartache that we learn maybe giving guys the keys to our heavenly gates isn’t the right way to keep a man (usually).

I say usually because many times women can keep a man if the sex game is just all that plus 5, times 10– basically beyond EXCEPTIONAL. Eventually, all that dies out so sex can’t be the only way you’re holding on to a man.

And don’t think that losing your virginity is as great as your favorite television shows and movies make it out to be. There are tons of cameras on the actors, cameramen and acting coaches who tell them where to place their hands, where to kiss and how to kiss. It isn’t a magical un-painful experience. Bluntly speaking– there’s pain, awkwardness, panic and blood that go hand-in-hand with losing your virginity.

My experience sucked. I felt pressured into doing it a bit and I bled. It was horrible nothing I wanted to do again for a while. Of course after a few times of doing the naughty and dirty act you become relaxed and it’s not as painful. Losing my virginity didn’t make me feel differently either, I didn’t feel like more of a woman. My first time sucked and I’m sure millions of women feel the same.

Many of friends who I spoke to about this said they wish they would’ve waited including myself. It’s not all it’s cut out to be. One even said she wished she would’ve waited until she was married. Now that was a huge shock to me because in this day and age that’s just unlikely to ever happen.
Plus, who wants to really spend the rest of their lives with someone without having tried their goods out? We all remember what happened to Charlotte on Sex and The City– so let’s not go there.

The rush is unnecessary and once you give it up there’s no way you can turn back and get it back. It will not make a boy or man like you more so don’t let them convince you otherwise. Learning to value what you have is just the first step into making your first time that much more special.

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