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Limits For The Paparazzi?


We are all familiar with the paparazzi. We see their ‘work’ or as I call it stalking featured in gossip magazines everywhere we go. The life of a celebrity lures us to pick up the filth published in those magazines and we eat it all up.

Whether it’s true or false we don’t really care. And with the help of the paparazzi we’re able to see what goes on in the lives of the rich, famous, and un-talented.

The paparazzi also help build a nobody from a nothing to a somebody. They help make people like the KarTRASHians who have no talent important in your eyes– not mine that’s for sure.

They help celebrities become relevant, which we find relevant because we read about them and see them all over magazine racks.

So why do celebrities gripe about it?

Well, that’s simple.

Although people like Jennifer Garner, Halle Berry, Britney Spears, Simon Caldwell basically signed up for the industry which entails the paparazzi they still want there to be limits. Which I whole-hearted believe in too.


Last week both Jennifer Garner and Halle Berry testified before a state assembly committee to introduce a new law in California that’s aimed in protecting their children from the paparazzi.


Granted, they have to roll with the punches. They chose this industry there’s no way to stop the paparazzi’s first amendment rights, however, the children had no choice in choosing the life they wanted to live in. So with that I understand the bill they want to put forth.

For instance, there needs to be laws to govern how close paparazzi can get close to children. We’ve seen how invasive these guys get! They’re literally in a celebrities face while their only allowed to walk 2 miles per hour. Imagine if you had just your mani and pedi done and are in a rush to go to an audition or pick up your daughter? Talk about taking time management to another level.


The paparazzi have only gotten worse throughout the years. A magazine or blog will only get more hits if a celebrity is saying, doing or wearing something that will make people talk. Paparazzi antagonize celebrities to get the perfect shot. And who doesn’t want to see that ‘perfect shot?’

I think when their doing family activities there needs to be limits. Not a paparazzo in the face of hopeless Suri (daughter of Katie Holmes) disrespecting her calling her a brat.

Children are at risk. When they infringe upon your child that’s when it becomes a risk. Parameters need to be in place and I hope this law gets passed. It’s only right.

The Guardian reports, “The proposed measure, titled SB 606, would increase jail and financial penalties for photographers deemed to be harassing children under 16 and make it easier for adults to take out restraining orders. It has now passed the upper legislature of the state assembly and on Tuesday was sent for review before the assembly appropriations committee – moving it one step closer to becoming law.”

What exactly has to happen? Does a child have to be hurt in order for these kind of laws to even be considered?



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